Wonderful Success Stories


Here are a couple of the animals that have been placed by the Humane Society of Jackson County OH.


Daisy the Dalmation Mix

Picture of Daisy the Dalmation mix.


Daisy was rescued from a ditch with a broken jaw, ematiated from being unable to eat. The jaw was unable to be repaired because the bones had already knit in the wrong positions. With a lot of work she has been rehabilitated and can now eat on her own. She loves going for walks and will go get her leash when she wants to go out.

Sissy the Beagle

Picture of Sissy.

Sissy the shy is now Sissy the bouncing Beagle. At first she didn't even know how to play with toys. In her new home she is learning not only to play but to love and trust both her human and canine family members.



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