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Humane Society of Jackson County, Ohio

Congratulations HSJCO! 1,352 animals we spayed or neutered in 2011.
744 were through the Mobile Rascal Unit. The rest were done in through local vets, SOS, Help 4 Animals and the dog grant.

Animals are precious creatures who deserve a good quality of life.Owners need to be responsible for their pets. Neglect, cruelty, and abandonment are not acceptable.

The Humane Society of Jackson County is a nonprofit organization run by volunteers from the community who are dedicated to animal welfare. We work towards placing great animals in great homes, preventing cruelty to animals, and reducing animal overpopulation.

The society does not have a shelter but - through the generosity of members - can foster a limited number of dogs until they can be adopted.

The group is not controlled or funded by any state-wide or national organization.It is a totally volunteer non-profit organization paid for solely by provate donations of time and money. Donations and grants are the only we keep it going! Any help we get is greatly appreciated!

Who we would like to meet:
Anyone interested in joining or helping out is always welcome!


Male Cat Special October 6 2014 Neuter Clinic

The Humane Society of Jackson County would like to announce an important community improvement partnership with Animals Unlimited. On Monday, October 6, 2014, the staff at Animals Unlimited Veterinary Clinic will offer reduced rate neuter for male cats only. If you have an unneutered male cat or know someone who does, please contact the Humane Society of Jackson County at 740-286-6435 or write to PO Box 1, Jackson, OH 45640 by Monday, September 29, 2014. The cost is $30 for neuter only or $60 for neuter and all shots. Shots are not required and there are no income guidelines. The male cat must weigh 2 lbs and be at least 8 weeks of age. A Humane Society volunteer will contact you by phone with details, your clinic drop off time and location.  

Please help improve the plight of cats. Many are suffering needlessly. Neutering a male cat is an easy way to help prevent many unwanted litters and better ensure your cat stays close to home, healthier and safe. Do not contribute to suffering and neglect; spay and neuter your pet!

Alert Special Dog Grant has been Renewed!

Attention dog owners, we have money for you! (To spay and neuter your pet of course)! Click here for more info or call the Humane Society of Jackson County @ 740-286-6435 or write PO Box 1, Jackson, OH 45640 for spay/ neuter assistance. No proof of income necessary. You do not need to reside in Jackson County for this spay/neuter assistance.


Spay/neuter for 3 reasons

Better behaved pet -- Healthier pet -- Save lives

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